Innoport Express

Pay as you go fax and virutual phone system services

Innoport Express offers pay per fax and virtual phone services. It's a simple, quick and reliable way to send and receive faxes one time or multiple times and to receive calls using our highly versatile virtual phone service . No registration or subscription needed!

Send Faxes:  

  • Fax up to 10 pages to US or Canada for only $1.95!
    Click here for pricing details.
  • Send faxes world wide!
  • View fax transmission in real time.
  • Get fax status notification in your email.
Receive Faxes:  

  • Receive up to 10 fax pages for only $1.95!
    Click here for pricing details.
  • Faxes delivered to your email.
  • Get your own temporary toll free or a regular US fax number.
  • Option to receive secure and encrypted faxes.
Send Fax Receive Fax
Virtual Phone Service:  
  • Setup a temporary virtual phone number for only $2.50!
    Click here for pricing details.
  • Get voicemail, extensions, worldwide call forwarding.
  • Great for events, trade shows, disaster recovery, relocation, international travel and more...
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